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We offer professional paint services for residential and commercial, including interior painting, exterior painting, wood rot, stain, and more. We offer FREE estimates and expertise on each individual project to provide the best experience to every client. We offer high-quality service with low-hassle. Upon completion of your project, we promise you will be proud and your neighbors will be jealous.  

Home maintenance is an important factor to keeping your home in its best shape. It's typically recommended to paint your home every 10 years in order to ensure it's in the best shape possible. Preparation and proactive maintenence will ensure the appearance of your home will always be top notch. Our house painters are trained to address chipped siding, wood rot, caulk and seal to ensure your paint job will last and prevent future damage. We pride ourselves in saying that the prep work is where we spend the most time. It's the most important part and we know it provides reliability for your home in the years to come.


With our years of experience in the paint industry, we have a perfected list of procedures that ensure our clients the highest quality of workmanship and satisfaction.  By utilizing the highest quality of paint and following our proven list of procedures, we can professionally and efficiently beautify your home or business and help you maintain one of your most important investments for years to come. 

The key to a successful and long-lasting paint job is prep work.  No matter which paint you choose, if the surface isn't properly prepped and caulked, it will not last.  Our proven prep process is multi-step and in-depth.  ​​

  • Remove light fixtures, shutters, storm doors, or any other obstacles.  

  • Power wash entire house and apply bleach to any areas that have mold or mildew.  

  • Hand scrape any remaining loose paint. 

  • Replace all rotten wood.  

  • Prime all bare wood with Peal Bond or oil-based paint.  

  • Caulk entire house.  

  • Tape, paper, and cover all things that will not be painted.  

  • Paint house with Sherwin-Williams Super Paint or Duration paint.  

  • Precisely paint trim. 

  • Spray front door & shutters for a smooth glass finish.  

  • Provide leftover paint for future touch ups.  

  • Owner will walk around the home with homeowner to insure satisfaction with the work completed.

Holmes Creek After Back
After Brookehaven House
Homes Creek Front After no sign
After Mark House
Holmes Creek After Front with sign


Paint has the power to truly change the look and feel of any room.  Whether you're considering painting an elaborate entryway or just ready for a room refresh, we are excited to bring to life what you have envisioned.  Through our highly detailed workmanship and expertise in interior painting, we're certain you'll be satisfied with your project.  If you've been debating, let's chat.  The quote is FREE, and it's well worth your time.  

  • Supply and utilize drop cloths in all areas.

  • Tape and paper prep for all trim, baseboards, windows, doors, etc.

  • Repair all drywall needs: holes, cracks, etc.

  • Cut-in around ceilings and around trim. 

  • Paint multiple coats with a high-quality paint roller. 

Interior Office Repaint


Due to the nature of the area that we live in, quite a toll is taken on our decks and fences from sun, rain, snow, and mildew.  These environmental elements leave them looking gray and dry.  Paint4U would love to help you freshen up your deck or fence with a high power pressure wash, coat of stain, and a sealant.  Our proven process is sure to have your deck or fence looking like new in no time.  

  • Powerwash, powerwash, and powerwash... it's the essential to this project.  

  • Replace any rotten boards or spindles.  

  • Tape and paper where deck meets house. 

  • Place tarp under deck to prevent leakage to underneath.  

  • Utilize Sherwin Williams Deck Scapes (transparent or solid). 

  • Clean up and complete!  

Stained Deck Stairs
Before and After Deck Stain
Pic working on deck
Prep 2


We're here for you on all the paint projects, but we're also here for the repair and mend work needed to  make the project turn out perfectly.  We want to ensure your jobs are properly repaired to ensure a flawless paint finish.  ​

  • Find and replace any wood rot

  • Precisely powerwash to ensure removal of old paint, stain, or residue on all surfaces in preparation for all paint projects

  • Proficiently caulk and seal every project to ensure full prep before painting

Wood Rot Repair
Powerwash Stain House
Wood Rot Replacement
Powerwashing Metal Siding
Multi House_edited.jpg

Hang Your Christmas Lights

In the off-season, we still want to see our clients, so we started a professional business hanging and removing Christmas lights. So many people in our community can't physically hang their own lights, we have a team of elves ready to help.  We're the premier Christmas light installation team for residential and commercial businesses in the Kansas City area.  We love helping our clients deck their halls for the holidays.  Contact us today for more details on pricing and timing.  

Interior Paint
Deck & Fence
Chrismas Lights
Exterior Paint
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